CONTROLFREAK are an exciting new band from Dublin, Ireland. The band consists of Kyle Goldstein on vocals, guitar and synth Pedals and Dietrich Blitzer on drums. The sound that this duo creates is unbelievably fat and full and when you listen to the band live it is bigger and more robust than most four or five piece bands.

  Influenced by the dark side of the 80’s, post-punk, electroclash and early ‘90s grunge rock, they have their own style and flavour which they add to the mix as only they can. The band also has an uncanny knack to knock out incredibly catchy ‘pop-tastic’ tunes, which shine out of CONTROLFREAK’s dark–rock like an explosion in a florescent paint factory.  

CONTROLFREAK are one of the only bands in ireland unafraid to raise awareness and act on such issues  as Corrupt overpaid Politicians, thieving bankers, Homelessness, Catholic Church child abuse, Suicide, the dangerous so called health service and many truths swept under the carpet


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